Mesh Network Updates

How will the updates work?

  • The Brilliant mesh network will be updating your switches within a 4-6 hour period.
  • During this update process, your experience using switch or plug devices may be impacted in the following ways:
    • Scenes that include the listed devices will not execute fully. Double Tap gestures may not execute as intended.
    • Remote adjustment of these devices during this time will not work as intended. This includes from the Control, Mobile Apps, or from third-party skills like Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.
    • Sliders or gestures that have been reassigned (like in your multiway circuits) will not work as intended.
  • Brilliant Controls will not be impacted.
  • Alerts will be shown to notify you before and during the process. 

When an update is scheduled

Updates may be scheduled for the Brilliant mesh network within your home and you will be notified in the Alert Center.



Manually Initiate an Update

Initiate a manual update for your mesh network from either the update scheduled alert or from the Settings > Connectivity > Updates menu. 


mceclip6.png Connectivity_Settings__Update_Available.png

When an Update is in Progress

You will be notified that an update is in progress within your home through the Alert Center. 

mceclip3.png. Update_In_Progress.png