Brilliant Privacy Facts

The following are all measures put in place by Brilliant to protect data and the privacy of our customers:

    • All developer access to our infrastructure uses multifactor authentication.
    • Our database is encrypted at rest.
    • Our database backups are encrypted.
    • All external communication is done over SSL.
    • All Brilliant Command Center users must use multifactor authentication when setting up and accessing their accounts.
    • We follow best practices for password storage by salting and hashing all passwords.
    • We practice industry standards with regard to internal network access and permissions.
    • We utilize an automated Threat Detection Service to alert us to any security threats against our system.
    • Over-the-air updates distributed to Brilliant devices are cryptographically signed to verify integrity. 
Additionally, Brilliant systems have also undergone a security audit from a respected external auditing firm. The Brilliant Control is also certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance which includes testing for compliance with industry best practices in secure Wi-Fi connections.