Somfy TaHoma Integration

How does Brilliant Integrate with Somfy?

Brilliant connects to Somfy TaHoma and allows you to control shades and smart plugs in the following ways:

  • Open & Close shades 
  • Tilt shades Up & Down (Only available for Shades that Tilt
  • Set shades to "My" Position 
  • Set shades to a specific level (Zigbee Only
  • Add shades to a Scene
  • Add shades to Slider Settings (Zigbee Only & Brilliant Control Only)
  • Add shades to Gesture Settings 
  • Turn a smart plug On & Off 
  • Set a smart plug to control a Light 
  • Add a smart plug to a Scene


Setting up Somfy with Brilliant

Before connecting Somfy to Brilliant, please ensure that you have first set up your Somfy TaHoma Gateway using the Somfy TaHoma mobile app. The shades you would like to add to Brilliant should be linked to the Somfy TaHoma Gateway. 

  1. Make sure your Somfy TaHoma Gateway is connected to the same internet as your Brilliant
  2. Go to your Brilliant Control and tap "Add Device" on the bottom tray 
  3. Tap "Somfy"
  4. Follow prompts to connect Somfy to Brilliant 
    • Note: If you have multiple TaHoma Gateways, Brilliant will automatically select one. If you would like to connect a different TaHoma Gateway, please reach out to our support team. 
  5. Once you have enabled the Brilliant integration on the Somfy TaHoma app, go back to your Brilliant Control to finish the setup. 

Somfy Shade Groups

Somfy Shade Groups can be used to control multiple shades at once. As you control your Somfy Shade Group, please note the following experiences: 

  • For Zigbee Motors, moving individual sliders within a group will NOT update the group slider. 


Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your Somfy integration on Brilliant