Release v21.06.23– Public Release 6/28/2021

HomeKit for Switch and Plug

We're excited to release our HomeKit integration for our Brilliant Switch and Plug devices! Now, you are able to control all Brilliant manufactured devices from the Apple Home app or Siri. 

Learn more about how this integration works here

Somfy TaHoma Integration

Released to the Public

Integrate your Somfy TaHoma Gateway Hub to control the Smart Shades in your Home. Use your Brilliant Control or Brilliant mobile app to: 

  • Open & Close shades 
  • Set shades to "My" Position 
  • Set shades to a specific level (Zigbee Only
  • Add shades to a Scene
  • Add shades to Slider Settings (Zigbee Only & Brilliant Control Only)
  • Add shades to Gesture Settings 
  • Tilt shades Up & Down (Only available for Shades that Tilt
  • Turn a Somfy smart plug On & Off 
  • Set a Somfy smart plug to control a Light 
  • Add a Somfy smart plug to a Scene


Other Updates

This update consists of various performance improvements and bug fixes to maintain a secure and seamless user experience.