Release v21.08.18 - Public Release 8/23/2021

Google Nest Camera & Doorbell Support

Once you connect your Google Nest account to the Brilliant Home, you can control your Camera & Doorbell devices by:

  • Viewing the live video on your Brilliant Control for your Google Nest Cameras & Doorbells 
  • Receiving doorbell notifications on your Brilliant Control when your Google Nest Hello Doorbell is rung 

See here for a list of supported devices.  



Snapshots for the Ring & Google Nest Video Experience

When viewing Live View or a Doorbell Notification for your Ring and Google Nest devices on Brilliant, you will start seeing the most recent snapshot taken from that device before the video loads.  



Climate Widget Updates

We've updated the previously-named Weather Widget to now add indoor climate through the thermostats that you have connected in your home. Henceforth, we will be referring to the widget as the Climate Widget

As your pictures cycle, your climate widget will cycle through outside weather and thermostats in your home. 


Alert to Auto Enable Amazon Alexa

Brilliant is actively helping you set up your Alexa home properly. If you have set up your Alexa Voice Assistant but may not have set up your Home Skill to control your connected lights, we will help you automatically do that once you tap the Alert in the Alert Center. 



Other Updates

This update consists of various performance improvements and bug fixes to maintain a secure and seamless user experience.