Adding Partner Devices on Mobile App

You can add Wemo, Sonos and LifX right from the Brilliant mobile app. All of our other partner devices may only be added on your Brilliant control as described in this article

Brilliant works with over 20 of the top smart home brands and their products. Adding devices to your Brilliant Home takes only seconds and truly transforms your smart home. To see all of the brands Brilliant works with, click here

There are a few different ways to add devices via the mobile app: 


Add devices from the "Works With" section of settings

thisoneOH.png   Add_Fixture_Copy_1642.png       Add_Fixture_Copy_1643.png

  1. Go to your mobile app's settings by tapping the gear icon in the top corner of your home screen. 
  2. Tap the Works With section in settings
  3. Select one of the integration type you would like to add 
  4. Add any discovered devices of your selected integration type by tapping on the orange circle. Hide devices from your home by tapping on the eye icon. Hidden devices will no longer show up in your home but will always be available in the hidden devices section where you can unhide and add them back to your home at any time. 
  5. After tapping on the orange plus button follow instructions that present themselves on your mobile app. Once complete the device will be added to your home. 

Add devices from your devices view


  1. You may see devices that are on the same wi-fi network as your Brilliant Control appear in the unconfigured section of a device category like "Lights" or "Music". You can add these devices to your home by tapping on their plus icon. (Note this method of adding devices to your home will only be possible for locally discovered devices like Sonos, Wemo and LifX.)
  2. After doing so follow the instructions to name and assign this device to a room. 
  3. After completing these steps the device will be added to your home.