Hunter Douglas Integration



This integration requires a Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Gateway. The older generation gateways are not supported.


How does Brilliant Integrate with Hunter Douglas?

Brilliant connects to Hunter Douglas and allows you to control shades in the following ways:

  • Open & Close the primary and secondary functionalities of shades 
  • Tilt shades Up & Down
  • Set shades to a specific level
  • Add shades to a Scene
  • Control shades with your Brilliant Control sliders (in Slider Settings)
  • Control shades with a gesture on the Brilliant Control (in Gesture Settings)


Setting up Hunter Douglas with Brilliant

Before connecting Hunter Douglas to Brilliant, please ensure that you have first set up your Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Gateway using the PowerView app. The shades you would like to add to Brilliant should be linked to the Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Gateway. 

  1. Make sure your Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Gateway is connected to the same Wi-Fi Network internet as your Brilliant

  2. Go to your Brilliant Control and tap "Add Device" on the bottom tray 

  3. Tap "Hunter Douglas"

  4. Follow prompts to connect Hunter Douglas to Brilliant

  5. Note: Brilliant supports multiple Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Gateways



Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your Hunter Douglas integration on Brilliant

  • Please visit Advanced Settings to remove a Hunter Douglas device or reset its settings.
  • If you have issues with your entire Hunter Douglas Integration, please try resetting the entire integration and re-adding your devices to Brilliant. 
  • To re-assign rooms for your Hunter Douglas device, follow the instructions here