Ring Integration

How to connect your Ring devices with Brilliant

Before you begin, make sure your Ring devices are
1) set up and ready to use with the Ring app

When you set up a Brilliant Control for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to add Ring devices during setup process. Follow the prompts to connect your Ring devices with Brilliant.

You can also connect Ring devices with Brilliant after setup using the Brilliant mobile app or a Brilliant Control.

Using the Brilliant mobile app:
1. Tap the Settings icon in the top left corner of the homescreen
2. Tap “Works With”
3. Tap “Ring”
4. A screen will pop up that says "Add New Devices"
6. When your Ring devices are found tap "Continue"
7. Follow the onscreen instructions to log into your Ring account and assign your Ring devices to rooms in your Brilliant Home

Using a Brilliant Control:
1. Tap "Add New Device" in the bottom menu bar on the homescreen
2. Tap "Ring"
3. A screen will pop up that says "Finding Devices"
4. When your Ring devices are found tap "Continue"
5. Follow the onscreen instructions to log into your Ring account and assign your Ring devices to rooms in your Brilliant Home.


Ring Notifications

If someone rings the Ring doorbell, we will display a notification on the Brilliant Control that will allow the user to do one of three actions:

  • Talk: Talk to a person on the other side of the Doorbell
  • Lock/Unlock Door: Lock or unlock a smart lock that is connected to your Brilliant home. Note that supported smart locks are denoted on the Integration Support page
  • Dismiss: Dismiss the Notification

Live Video on your Ring Devices* in your Home

Before you try accessing your Ring Device's live video, please ensure that Live View is set up to be enabled within your Ring Mobile App. 

Please try the below instructions after you confirm Live View is enabled on your Ring device*:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap on Cameras
  2. Tap "Live View" on your Ring device

Loading Video from Ring

  • Brilliant will attempt to load video from Ring for Doorbell and Live View requests. 
  • As of v21.08.18, Brilliant will also attempt to show a recent snapshot from that device before the video has loaded

Cameras-Snapshot.png RingNotif.png

Important Notes when Integrating

  • Any of Ring's doorbells are supported (hardwired or battery powered) but we do not yet integrate with any of the other accessories.
  • Ring DOES NOT work with any partner devices (including Brilliant) when End-to-End Encryption is turned on. If you have this enabled on your Ring device(s), the Brilliant <-->Ring Integration will not work.
  • Doorbell notifications only work when the primary Ring account is linked to Brilliant. Shared accounts linked to Brilliant will only have access to Live View. 
  • * Supported Ring devices are listed here 

Setting up a Chime on your Brilliant Home when your Ring Doorbell is rung

You can set the Ring to chime (once, twice, or thrice) each time a Ring Doorbell Notification appears, on all Brilliant Controls within that home.

To set this up, please follow the directions below:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap on Cameras
  2. Tap the Edit pencil in the top right
  3. Select the Edit pencil next to your Ring Doorbell
  4. Under Device settings, view the Doorbell Chime section
  5. Select the option you would like (between once, twice, and thrice) and follow the remaining screen instructions to save.


Finding Ring Devices* in your Home

  1. During your setup of adding your Ring device* in your home, you assigned it to specific rooms.
  2. Please visit that room to find it. Currently, we only support interaction with your Ring device when there are notifications from a person ringing the doorbell or if you request to view live view for the Ring device*.

Ring Alarm and Alexa

You can also control your Ring security system using Alexa on the Brilliant Control.

  1. Enable the Ring Alexa Skill using a PC or the Alexa mobile app
  2. Arm/disarm your Ring Alarm when you are either Home or Away by saying the following:
    Alexa, arm Ring. (defaults to Home Mode)
    Alexa, arm Ring away.
    Alexa, disarm Ring.

  3. To check your home’s status, you can say:
    Alexa, is Ring armed?

Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your Ring device on Brilliant

  • Please visit Advanced Settings for your device to remove or reset your Ring configuration on your Brilliant. 
  • If you have issues with your entire Ring Integration, please try resetting the entire integration and re-adding your devices to your Brilliant. 
  • To re-assign rooms for your Ring device, follow instructions here