Identifying Light Bulbs

The best way to identify which type of light bulbs you have is to look at their shape.

We support 4 types of lights:


LED CFL Halogen Incandescent
LED.png CFL.png Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_6.13.07_PM.png  Incandescent-2.png


The standard screw-in socket is called an E26 socket. Brilliant is generally compatible with these bulbs.  However, you may need to ensure that your bulbs are not over our wattage limit. You can find out how to do this in this support article.

You’ll need to make sure to configure your bulb appropriately on the Brilliant Control.  If you have a non-dimmable bulb, make sure you do not configure it as dimmable.

Brilliant is also usually compatible with GU24 bulbs.  Once again, you’ll want to ensure your bulbs are within Brilliant’s wattage limits.

MR16 bulbs are low voltage bulbs that are mostly used in magnetic fixtures. Brilliant is not compatible with magnetic fixtures. Ensure that you do not have a magnetic fixture before installing a Brilliant Control to control a circuit with MR16 bulbs. You can read this support article to find out if your lighting is compatible or not.


E26 Socket GU24 Socket MR16 Socket
Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_6.42.31_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_6.42.26_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_6.42.20_PM.png