Smart Home Products That Work With Brilliant



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    Rob Connock

    Can you please add smartthings routines? This is a quick win for your customers without much work for your dev team. 

    In smartthings I can add any device into a routine. By enabling Brilliant to then call these routines - you now expose all my devices, Smarrthings is doing all the work you are just bring over the routine name. The ST hub still does all the work!

    This would be an easy quick win for you guys. Not to mention those of us that have more than switches in our homes. 

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    Rickey t. Brown

    Number one issue with the device is the quality of sound. The mic needs desperate improvement when communicating to RING. It’s mucch better between devices but still needs work. We need to be able to access scenes from a hub or add cutomization so colors are available for hue lights. Time to load ring video needs improving otherwise a stable platform. 4/5 with. Some quirks to be worked out. Second major issue is that any lights connected to the brilliant switch show as unavailable in native apps like hue,  SmartThings and the Home app. Lights are still controllable but report as disconnected. Needs a fix ASAP. 

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    Frank Leto

    Can you please add all Honeywell WiFi thermostats. Why just the Lyric and T series ?? This would be a tremendous upgrade for me. Thank you.

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