Smart Home Products That Work With Brilliant

The Brilliant Control works with a wide variety of popular smart home products, voice assistants, and other services. The table below shows which products are currently compatible.

If you would like to see other products work with Brilliant, please click the button below to submit a request.

Smart Home

Notes Local Integration or
Internet Required
Voice Assistants

Works with Amazon Alexa

Enabled through Brilliant Control Allows you to control your Brilliant devices using Alexa Internet Required
Alexa (built into Brilliant) Built into the Brilliant Control Allows you to speak directly to Alexa using the Brilliant Control Internet Required

Works with Google Assistant

Enabled through Google Home app Allows you to control your Brilliant devices with Google Assistant Internet Required
Apple HomeKit Enabled through Brilliant Control and your Apple Home App on your iOS device Allows you to control your Brilliant lights with HomeKit Internet Required 
Lighting & Switches
Philips Hue Philips Hue Lights, Light Zones, and Plugs connected to the Philips Hue Bridge

Includes both Hue White and Ambiance support (more info)  

Local Integration

Wemo All Lights (Dimmers/Switches) and Smart Plugs   Local Integration
TP-Link Kasa TP-Link Kasa lighting, light switches, and plugs   Internet Required
LIFX LIFX Wi-Fi enabled light devices Includes support for all LIFX lights (more info)   Local Integration
Lutron Caséta Caséta dimmers and switches. Supported through SmartThings (more info) Internet Required
Leviton Decora Smart Decora Smart Dimmers, Switches, and Plugs Supported through SmartThings integration (more info) Internet Required
Google Nest

Nest Thermostat (released 2020)

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Thermostat E

The Google Nest integration on Brilliant requires a Google Account.

Read here for more information.

Internet Required

ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

ecobee3 Lite

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control (5th gen)

  Internet Required
Honeywell Home

All Lyric line thermostats
(T5, T6, T9, T10, and Lyric Round) (WiFi models only, not Z-wave models). 

WiFi Leak and Freeze Detector. 

Control your home's climate.

Monitor your home and receive alerts about leaks, unusual temperatures, or unusual humidity in your home. 

Internet Required

All Video Doorbells &
Security Cameras (excluding Ring Doorbell Pro 2) 

Ring Alarm*

*Ring Alarm arm/disarm functions are available using Alexa on the Brilliant Control

Internet Required

Google Nest

Nest Hello Video Doorbell (wired and wireless)

Nest IQ Camera Indoor

Nest Camera Indoor (pre 2021)

Nest IQ Camera Outdoor

Nest Camera Outdoor (pre 2021)

The Google Nest integration on Brilliant requires a Google Account.

Internet Required


Full list of Arlo devices that are supported via SmartThings: 

This integration ONLY requires a SmartThings account and not the SmartThings bridge.


Internet Required

Access and Locks
August All August Smart Locks Requires August Wi-Fi bridge (except for the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock) Internet Required
ButterflyMX ButterflyMX Panel Allows you to talk to visitors and open ButterflyMX connected doors Internet Required 
Emtek (August) EMPowered Smart Lock (EMP1101) Requires August Wi-Fi bridge Internet Required
Genie Aladdin Connect  Aladdin Connect Allows you to control your Garage Door Internet Required
Kwikset (SmartThings)

Kwikset SmartCode Series via Smartthings. 


Requires SmartThings Hub for devices configured via SmartThings. 


Internet Required
Kwikset Halo

Kwikset Halo Smart Locks via Kwikset. 

Requires up-to-date Kwikset Mobile App and Kwikset Device Firmware. 

Internet Required
Overhead Door Overhead OHD devices Allows you to control your Garage Door  Internet Required
Schlage Connect (SmartThings)

Schlage Connect Series 

Schlage Sense Deadbolt

Requires SmartThings Hub  Internet Required
Schlage Encode

Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode™ Plus

Direct integration with Brilliant
No hub or bridge required
Internet Required

Yale (August)

Assure Lock SL (YRD256)
Assure Lock Touchscreen (YRD226)
Assure Lock Keypad (YRD216)
Assure Lever (YRL256 / YRL236)

Smart Storage & Delivery

Smart Cabinet Lock

Requires August or Yale Wi-Fi bridge Internet Required

Yale (SmartThings)

Zigbee & Z-Wave models (more info)

Requires SmartThings Hub Internet Required
Sonos All Sonos Speakers Sonos S2 app and operating system compatibility information can be found here Local Integration
Hub / Home Automation


Brilliant integrates with SmartThings in two ways...


1. Brilliant Control

Compatible lights, switches, shades and locks (more info)

You can connect these devices to the Brilliant Control (some devices may require the SmartThings Hub)  

Internet Required

2. SmartThings App

You can use the SmartThings app to control your Brilliant devices. (more info)

Internet Required

Smart Shades


Any Somfy shade connected to TaHoma Gateway Hub 

Requires TaHoma Gateway Hub

Local Integration

Hunter Douglas

PowerView Gen 3 supported smart shades

Requires a PowerView Gen 3 hub

Local Integration

Security System

Resideo Total Connect 2.0

Resideo Security System  Resideo Cameras

Resideo Z-Wave lights, switches, plugs, locks, and T6 Pro Zwave thermostat

Resideo Skybell Doorbell

Resideo VX1 Doorbell

Supported Security Panels:

  • ProSeries: ProA7, ProA7Plus
  • Vista: 20P, 21iP, 128BPT
  • Lyric-AIO

Internet Required